Ciscor Emergency Call Systems

Manufacturer of Wireless and
Hardwired Emergency Call Systems

Senior Nursing Centers
Assisted Living & Nurse Call Systems

The Senior Sentry™ fits every security need with the most comprehensive and varied selection of hardware and software solutions available today. This includes totally hardwired systems, totally wireless systems, or any combination of the two . . . Learn More >>

Memory Care Call Systems
Memory Care Systems

The Memory Care Sentry by CISCOR provides a virtual safety net for residents who suffer from memory disability, Alzheimer's and dementia. The boundaries of the safety net can be easily adjusted to fit the routine and habits of the resident. CISCOR's flagship DEVI 9000 software system . . . Learn More >>

Emergency Call Industrial

An emergency call system (also known as a Panic Alarm, Man Down Alarm System, Duress System, or a Personal Emergency Response System) is available from CISCOR as hardwired emergency call systems, wireless emergency call systems or a combination of the two. Learn More >>

School-University Security

CISCOR has developed security call systems for colleges, schools and campuses. High school & middle schools can issue duress pendants to teachers. Universities can issue duress pendants to faculty and students. Other security systems such as door alarms can be seamlessly integrated. Learn More >>

Courthouse Security

Courthouse security systems by CISCOR provide alarm signaling for judges, bailiffs and other courthouse persons who may encounter life threatening situations. Wireless panic buttons may be carried by those to be protected so they can signal for help from anywhere in the courthouse facility. Learn More >>

Man Down - Lone Worker

Many industrial and commercial applications require notification that an employee has succumbed to a threat or environmental hazard. The CISCOR Sentry system provides wireless pendants that will notify the appropriate emergency response personnel should the employee become injured . . . Learn More >>

Guard Tour Systems

The CISCOR real time Guard Tour Sentry™ security guard tour system logs and reports the movement of each security guard as he or she makes rounds from one assigned guard tour station to the next. Each guard tour station is equipped with a key switch or keypad that is attached to a . . . Learn More >>

Sentry 101

The Sentry 101 duress system is an affordable solution for providing rock solid state-of-the-art detection of duress (panic) alarms with optional man-down detection. In the event of an alarm, the master receiver will beep to alert staff and display the number of pendant that is in alarm . . . Learn More >>

CISCOR offers unparalleled support and design engineering for electronic security systems. If you are seeking an emergency call system, wireless emergency call system, man down system or alarm, nurse call system both hardwired and wireless, guard tour system, wireless anti theft system, wireless alarm system, asset tracking system, personal duress system, personnel tracking and locating, alarm system, personal emergency response system, automatic annunciation by two way (2 way) radio, telephones or pagers, automated dispatch, or equipment control system then you will want to explore this web site. Some applications include assisted living facility security, independent living facility security, for security and emergency call or nurse call, corrections facilities for duress or panic alarm (panic button) with location and guard tour, manufacturing plant security, casino security, hospital security, school and university security, parking garage security, condo condominium security, marina security, court house security, tank farm security and museum security.


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