Applications and Systems

Senior Living

Protect the well being of your senior residents.

Corrections Facilities

Officer duress and tracking systems.

Campus Security and Call Systems

Wireless duress, instant hand held two way radio fire annunciation, asset tracking, and more.

Man Down & Lone Worker

Monitor and control any aspect of your complex via hand held two way radio.

Office Building Security

Every function of your security console is now portable.

Mall Security Systems

Manage all security functions efficiently and with portable alarm display and control.

Hospital Security

Wireless personnel duress, guard tour, and asset tracking.

Memory Care Systems

Provide a virtual safety net for residents who suffer from memory disability, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Casino Security Systems

Put it all on encrypted hand held two way radios.

Nurse Call Systems

Historical event archives with tardy response reporting and tracking.

Courthouse Security

Protect judges and other personnel in the courthouse or on the parking lot.

Sentry 101

An affordable solution for providing detection of duress alarms with optional man-down detection.