Applications and Systems

Senior Living


Since 1982, CISCOR has been providing innovative, fully integrated hardwired, wireless and hybrid Emergency Call systems to senior living facilities coast-to-coast. Whether new construction or retrofits, our customers trust us to provide quality systems, value pricing, and to be there long after the sale with reliable support, 24/7/365. When it comes to protecting your residents and reducing your liability, nobody covers you like CISCOR.


From design and manufacturing, to training, service and support, CISCOR does it all so we can guarantee superior quality. Our in-house engineering and software design R&D departments let us provide you the best patented technology on the market today. In-house expertise also means we don’t have to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Every CISCOR system is designed specifically for your community and is scalable for future growth. So, whether it’s a single individual in a specific wing or a huge campus with hundreds of residents, we’ve got you covered.


Instead of putting up with excuses, get superior service and support from a company who truly believes in and stands by their products. CISCOR will be there long after the sale, giving you industry-leading service and support, including a free one year product warranty and hassle-free service plans.



CISCOR wireless systems utilize 900MHz frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum Technology ensuring resident calls get through, every time!


CISCOR systems offer community-wide location capabilities, so you know what floor, or even what room an alarm is from.


CISCOR equipment is fully supervised. Our self-monitoring feature ensures your system is fully operational and alerts you to any items that need attention.


CISCOR has over 30 years of experience working with general contractors and low voltage contactors for a smooth installation. Our wireless repeaters only require 110 power outlets — perfect for retrofits.


All hardwired, wireless or hybrid systems are built for seamless integration with your fire panel, access control and other facility systems.


You can remotely monitor staff and activities in real-time, 24-hours a day, from anywhere. When administrators are off-site, the system will keep you informed of various situations in your community via email, text or a phone call.


CISCOR’s powerful user-friendly software generates intuitive custom staff and resident reports with a simple click of the mouse. Administrators easily access the information they need to stay on top of what’s happening in their community.


CISCOR offers the full spectrum of products for the senior housing industry:

  • Wireless, lightweight, durable, waterproof resident pendants
  • Active and passive resident check-in
  • Smoke alarms
  • Door alarms
  • Intercom and buzzer/doorbell integration
  • Bed- and chair-exit sensors
  • Incontinence sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Custom devices


CISCOR can annunciate alarms to pagers, phones, email or radios. The system allows for specific types of calls to be segmented and sent to select staffing groups and automatically escalates unanswered calls to additional personnel after a time period you define.

CISCOR radios set the industry standard. They enable rapid, efficient response to resident calls, eliminate overhead noise contributing to a more peaceful home-like environment and vastly improve staff-to-staff communication. All front desk tasks, such as answering an intercom or phone call, opening an electric door lock, responding to an apartment emergency or even placing a call, are incorporated into CISCOR’s hand-held radios, eliminating the need for and expense of a full-time staffed front desk.

Operationally, if any problem occurs, the voice synthesizer in the computer announces an alarm to all staff carrying radios. The message is repeated every 15 seconds requiring an acknowledgment from a staff member to silence the repeating alarm. By entering his or her unique ID number into the keypad on the radio, that person will be logged, by name, into the computer as the responsible party. This increased individual accountability is vital when the lives of your residents depend upon the response of facility caregivers. CISCOR radios improve response time and reduce your liability.


CISCOR’s wander management and elopement prevention systems provide:

  • Identification by name or number of the resident at the door and at nurses’ station.
  • “At-a-glance” status of every protected door in community.
  • Access control capabilities.
  • Documentation of alarm activity.


Provides a virtual safety net for residents who suffer from memory disability, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Unobtrusive, passive monitoring of residents alert you to changes in resident behavior patterns.
  • The time schedules can be individually defined for each resident.
  • The boundaries of the safety net can be easily adjusted to fit the routine and habits of the resident.