Man Down & Lone Worker

Lone Worker Alarm System
Many industrial and commercial applications require notification that an employee has succumbed to a threat or environmental hazard. The CISCOR Sentry system provides wireless pendants that will notify the appropriate emergency response personnel should the employee become injured or unconscious. The system activates an emergency man down alarm notification (lone worker alarm) if the wireless pendant assumes a horizontal position (i.e. the person carrying it is attacked or inhales toxic fumes and falls to the floor). The man down – lone worker alarm transmitter will beep for a short period of time to warn the wearer that an alarm is about to be activated. This helps to avoid false alarms for those inevitable non-emergency activities such as tying one’s shoe laces. The pendant can also be activated manually by pressing a button. Optionally, man down system pendants may be equipped with a high security pull lanyard that activates the system pendant should an attempt be made to forcibly remove it from the person carrying it. This is useful for psychiatric wards and corrections facilities.

Intelligent wireless repeaters provide the backbone of the Sentry man down – lone worker security system. Repeaters have a true-line-of-site range of about 2 miles (outdoors with no obstructions). This allows very large complexes to be efficiently protected. Repeaters are totally wireless requiring only a 110vac outlet.

The Sentry system will provide the location of the person who has activated their wireless pendant. Locators may be placed in strategic locations such as hallways, gathering rooms, parking lots and garages, walking trails or any place where location of a person in duress is required. Locators do not require any wiring except for a standard 110vac outlet.

Automated Dispatch
Because seconds are precious when a life is in danger, the Sentry software provides automated dispatch of alarms in a variety of ways. Automated dispatch virtually eliminates human error. Dispatchers can be distracted by numerous events such as handing out keys, getting a signature, answering the telephone or being in the bathroom. In fact, automated dispatch will allow reassignment of that person to a more productive position. Broadcast alarms to two way radios by computer generated voice messages. Output to mobile smart devices, telephones, on-site pagers, subscription pagers including alphanumeric, email to pagers and cell phones, fax and digital communicator.

Pendant Supervision
Employee’s lives depend on the emergency man down notification – lone worker system. This makes supervision of the pendants and system components vital. The CISCOR Sentry system constantly monitors all pendants, locators and repeaters for operational readiness. If a pendant has been dropped too many times and stops functioning, the system will create a supervisory alert indicating which device should be checked. Low battery conditions are also indicated approximately 2 weeks prior to battery failure.

900 MHz Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping
The Sentry utilizes state-of-the-art spread spectrum frequency hopping radio technology. This was first developed by the military to eliminate jamming and interference of vital radio communications. This is accomplished by hopping randomly through many different frequencies spread over a wide radio spectrum. If interference occurs in one part of the radio spectrum, the signal can still get through in another part. This assures the highest level of dependability that is available with today’s cutting edge technology. It also leverages the power of the transmitters. Also, we are allowed to operate with ten times more power in this band than older low band narrow channel systems. This provides a very reliable emergency man down notification system (lone worker alarm).