For thirty-five years, we’ve been pioneering innovations in life safety technology.

CISCOR got its start by breaking new ground in the 1980s as the leader in developing the first computer-based emergency-call system that dramatically improved the level of care in senior housing communities across the country. Since then, we’ve consistently led the life safety technology industry forward.

Today, CISCOR’s data-driven solutions allow caregivers and senior housing executives to make smarter decisions based on real-time information. Our technology monitors senior residents’ activities of daily living and delivers data in easy-to-digest formats, so our clients can navigate their greatest challenges and produce greater outcomes.

As we’ve advanced our technology, we’ve also expanded the potential for applying CISCOR solutions in additional high-risk environments. Our man down alarm and duress alarm technology are relied upon to protect people working for the U.S. military, government offices, maximum security prisons and industrial/commercial environments.