Your residents and their families have placed their trust in you. With that enormous responsibility in mind, CISCOR partners with senior housing operators to deliver positive outcomes that support the health and safety of residents.

Implement accountability
CISCOR offers life safety systems that truly holds individual caregivers accountable for responding to calls from residents. With our solutions, you can track the number of emergency calls each member of your team manages and the response time.

Be proactive
Our predictive technology detects behavioral trends by monitoring residents’ activities of daily living. When a resident deviates from the typical routine, CISCOR life safety technology lets your team know.

Enhance efficiency
We don’t simply collect data. We help you harness it to make better decisions. Customizable dashboards and reports simplify your analysis on everything from individual staff performance to operations at one or multiple facilities, saving your administration precious time and money.

Adapt to change
We understand that your residents’ needs might change over time. Our interactive technology helps you consistently provide a safe environment, allowing your staff to quickly adjust thresholds for e-call alerts to receive notification of concerning behavior.

Integrate systems
Our solutions provide you with maximum flexibility. Your team can communicate with one another, receive e-call alerts and collect data via CISCOR’s radios or by integrating our system into your existing smart devices.

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