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An emergency call system (also known as a Panic Alarm, Man Down Alarm System, Duress System, or a Personal Emergency Response System) is available from CISCOR as hardwired emergency call systems, wireless emergency call systems or a combination of the two. In the case of a wireless emergency call system, each personal wireless transmitters is continuously monitored for both low battery and operational readiness. Wireless transmitter locators provide location of the person activating an emergency call.

Applications include:

Man Down Alarm System

For correction facilities personal alarms and hazardous industrial emergency call applications, a man down alarm system feature is available that activates a man down alarm if the wireless pendant assumes a horizontal position (i.e. the person carrying it is attacked and left laying on the floor). The man down alarm transmitter will beep for a short period of time to warn the wearer that an alarm is about to be activated.


Locators may be placed in strategic locations such as hallways, gathering rooms, parking lots and garages, walking trails or any place where location of a person in duress is required. Locators do not require any wiring except for a standard 110vac outlet. Or, optionally, they may be equipped with a solar panel.

Fall Alert

For residents of senior housing facilities, this necklace pendant will detect if the resident has fallen. The pendant will beep for a period of time to warn the wearer that it is about to activate the alarm.


Residents or staff may be located or "tracked" at anytime if the facility is equipped with locators.

Automated Dispatch

The system is capable of automatically announcing emergency call alarms by computer generated voice to hand held radios. It can also output to telephones, on site pagers, subscription pagers, email, fax and central monitoring station digital receivers.


Repeaters relay wireless signals back to the central computer. This easily accommodates complete coverage of large campuses and facilities covering many acres. Repeaters have a true-line-of-site range of 2 miles and the alarm signal is passed like a relay baton from one repeater to the next and then to the next one. Installation of repeaters is very cost effective as they do not require any wiring except for a standard 110vac outlet. Or, optionally, they may be equipped with a solar panel.


Wireless keypads allow entry of individual ID numbers (access control) for unlocking doors or arming and disarming individual devices or a group of devices that has been set up in the software as an "Arming Group". This is also referred to as partitioning. Keypads can also be used as stationary devices that transmit any number of pre-programmed status alerts such as fire, medical, or emergency call.

Wireless Pendants:


The DS1223S pendant is fully water resistant. Users may wear the pendant in the shower, bathtub and in the rain. It is convertible by the user from lanyard (neck cord) to belt clip, and an optional wristband is also available. The DS1223S also has a manual button on the back of the pendant so that staff may restore the alarm when they respond to the emergency call.


Double button pendant with belt clip. This pendant requires activation by pressing both buttons simultaneously.


Two channel transmitter allows each button to be assigned to separate signaling events.

Emergency call systems and personal emergency response systems are designed by CISCOR to be reliable and effective. Not every emergency call system or personal emergency response system is the same.

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