Our Mission

To delight our customers, employees and shareholders by collaboratively designing, continuously improving and consistently delivering industry-leading solutions to the senior living community which result in enhanced care, safety, comfort and overall quality of life.

Our Story

Since 1982 CISCOR has provided innovative wireless and hardwired Emergency Call/Wander Management Solutions. Our Resident Activity Monitoring System, Caregiver Mobile Notification and ability to integrate with third-party systems takes Life Safety Solutions to a whole new standard. Our 24/7/365 service and support will give your community the attention it deserves. CISCOR is honored to partner with you.

Today, CISCOR’s data-driven solutions allow caregivers and senior housing executives to make smarter decisions based on real-time information. Our technology monitors senior residents’ activities of daily living and delivers data in easy-to-digest formats, so our clients can navigate their greatest challenges and produce greater outcomes.

As we’ve advanced our technology, we’ve also expanded the potential for applying CISCOR solutions in additional high-risk environments. Our man-down alarm and duress alarm technology are relied upon to protect people working for the U.S. military, government offices, maximum-security prisons, and industrial/commercial environments.


One Word. “GRIT”

Our team believes grit is what sets us apart from our competition and gives us the advantage we need to design and support our systems. Through passion and perseverance, we strive to craft solutions that are a necessity in the industries we serve. We don’t stop once our systems are built, we are constantly pushing our team to innovate and reimagine the limits and possibilities of our systems.

Better Service

Better services through direct relationships. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed, implemented and supported exclusively by members of the CISCOR team.

Leading Technology

Leading technology with actionable insight. Metrics on e-call volume and performance at individual and multiple communities save time, reduce costs and help capture billable events for resident services.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable solutions to meet your needs. We know that one solution could not possibly fit all of our clients. Our technology is right-sized for each individual client and deployed only as it’s needed.

Proven Reliability

Track record of reliability. CISCOR has been in business since 1982, and some of our client relationships span decades. We always support and stand by our technology.

Discover an Integrated Data Solution That Truly Enhances the Quality of Life for Seniors

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